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It’s funny how 15 years ago purchases online were obsolete, and now purchasing online life insurance is an everyday occurrence.  Some of our friends and business partners in California write over 20,000 life insurance policies online annually.  With online insurance quotes it makes it easy for individuals to review a simple term life product and decide if they want to move forward with purchasing the policy.

“Free insurance quotes” has become a very popular search phrase for people looking for term life insurance online.  If you type in this phrase in the Google search bar you will get thousands of search results.  Most websites now a day have a way for you to get quotes with numerous carriers in just a few clicks of the mouse.  Common questions to get a life insurance (term) quote would be: Date of Birth, Smoker/Non-Smoker, any major health issues, State of Residence, amount of coverage, and length of term (based on the fact that it is a term life insurance policy).

One our agents at the office had a client call in wanting to purchase a term life insurance policy.  Our agent explained that he would send him a link that would allow him to plug in some basic information to get more accurate insurance quotes.  Term Life insurance only needs 5 or 6 basic questions answered to get a pretty general quote; as you can see in the paragraph above these questions are not rocket science, so just about any individual should be able to enter their information to start the process online in about 15 minutes – it is that easy.  The days of sitting down at the kitchen table will be extremely limited in the upcoming years due to the streamlining of online life insurance.

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