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At Term Life Insurance Finders we make it easy to get online life insurance quotes.  Our quoting mechanism was designed to make getting free term life insurance quotes quick and easy.  There are not many websites that can give you accurate online life insurance quotes with over 20 carriers in a matter of seconds.  The quoting rater that was developed for this purpose issues close to 20,000 life insurance applications a year.  I wish we could say we designed it, but we have just partnered with the insurance technology company that built this system. 
Term Life Insurance Finders also gives you life insurance (term) quotes with numerous life insurance carriers. Next to the carrier’s quote you will see their A.M. Best rating as well as their service rating.  This will provide you with a little more information on the company and its financial strength.   It is important to know that your insurance company is strong enough to pay the life insurance claims if something were to happen.

Life Insurance Policy

If you proceed with purchasing a life insurance policy through Term Life Insurance Finders you will most likely be called to set up a paramed time.  For some cases with a lower “insured’s age” or lower “Face Amount” there may not be a need for a paramed, but for larger cases or older individuals it is typically required.   After the paramed, your life insurance application will be submitted to underwriting.  Once it is in underwriting it will take an average of two weeks to get the life insurance approved.  
After the policy is approved you will receive a letter that informs you of any outstanding requirements such as signatures needed, premium due, or anything that may need to be completed before the case is issued.  After you have fulfilled these outstanding requirements your term life insurance policy will be issued.
Working with Term Life Insurance Finders is a very easy process.  If we can ever be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to give us a call. 

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