Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

Have you ever been looking for a life insurance policy and saw an option for the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider? This rider allows the insured to receive some of their death benefit before their actual death. In many cases, a person becomes very ill before their death and accumulates large of amounts of medical expenses and doctor’s bills. The Accelerated Death Benefit Rider can provide money to help pay for these unexpected expenses. The requirements to receive this benefit can vary between companies but most include and require: diagnosis of a terminal illness, moving into a nursing home, or if the insurer requires some type of long-term care.

Different life insurance companies have different guidelines, requirements, and rules when offering an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. For example, one life insurance company may offer a lump sum payment, another may offer monthly installments, and others could offer both. Keep in mind that the amount given to the insured prior to death will be deducted from the balance that goes to the life insurance beneficiary. This should always be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to use the rider.

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