How to Apply for Life Insurance

Below is a description of the typical online life insurance process:

  1. Call to speak to one of our advisors to receive quotes from different carriers in your area.
  2. Fill in your basic demographic information (state, policy type, DOB, health information, etc) Putting in this information will allow you to get an accurate quote.
  3. After receiving a life insurance quote from numerous life insurance carriers you can then choose which ever plan you would like to purchase and then click continue.
  4. You will then be taken to the 1 page life insurance application, where you will enter more demographic information.  After putting in this information you will then click submit.
  5. After submitting your application you will then receive a call from MW EZLife to setup a time for a paramed to come take your blood work (if necessary).  You can do this paramed exam at your house or at your office, whichever is the most convenient for you.
  6. After receiving the blood work, the company will order your medical records if they need to.  Sometimes they order your medical records from your doctor if something is found in your blood that is not typical.  Please know that the paramed exam and doctor records are all done with no expense to you.
  7. After the underwriter for the life insurance company has received all the information that they need, the application will then be reviewed by the company.  After they verify all the information is accurate your policy will be approved at the rate class which you qualify.  If you applied at standard rate but they believe you are healthier than you thought they will lower your rate – surprisingly this happens more than you would think.
  8. Upon your policy being approved you will then be asked to send a check to activate your policy. Once the check has been cashed your term life policy will be put in force but the policy will not be active until the insurance carrier has received funds for your policy.

You’re finished—that was all it took to get your life insurance in place.

senior division manager Article added 08/30/2017 by Ryan Eaton
Senior Division Manager: Morgan White Group

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