Cholesterol and Life Insurance

Many people have different theories on how their health may affect a life insurance quote they receive.  Applicants have said: “I can’t qualify because I have a glass of wine every night, so my life insurance premium will be through the roof” or “I smoked 15 years ago and I would still get smoker rates because of my smoking history”. 

However, one of the most common questions we get regarding life insurance is “How will my cholesterol reading will or blood pressure readings affect my life insurance premium?” This is a valid question and in this article we will address cholesterol and your life insurance premium.

Most people have had their doctor tell them that their cholesterol readings need to be below 200.  This is not necessarily the case for life insurance.  Life Insurance Underwriting departments tend to focus on the Cholesterol/HDL ratio which is total cholesterol divided by the HDL.  Most life insurance companies will allow you to stay in a preferred or preferred best if your ratio was below 4.00 or in some cases 5.00.  In example some life insurance companies would give you a preferred best rating if your cholesterol reading was 230 but your ratio was 3.8 (total cholesterol = 230, HDL = 60, Ratio = 3.83).

Each carrier has their cholesterol guidelines published in their life insurance underwriting guidelines, but this is the most common method of calculating the risk of cholesterol.  If you know what your cholesterol is and would like to get a Life Insurance Quote, use the term-life quoter on the left.

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