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The articles in this section cover several of the finer points of a life policy that are designed to benefit YOU while you live, not simply your beneficiaries once you’re gone.  These life insurance options are almost always available but may not be mentioned by an insurance agent in the often false assumption that all you’re concerned about is the lowest possible monthly premium for your insurance policy.

Three options that provide good life insurance coverage for a modest additional premium are the Accelerated Death Benefit rider, the Critical Illness Cover, and the oldest and most overlooked of all, the Waiver of Premium rider.

You may also investigate Indexation, a way to make sure that your face amount keeps up with inflation through the years.  This is especially important for younger life policy holders who will probably have several more decades of life still ahead of them.

In the same spirit of life insurance benefits for you while you live, pay particular attention to “Life Insurance as an Investment” and “Life Insurance and Estate Planning”.

Articles in this section:

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
Important Life Insurance Options
Life Insurance and Estate Planning
Life Insurance as an Investment
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