Are You Underinsured?

Over the last 20 years term life insurance rates have dropped approximately 75%, and still the majority of people are underinsured. Over twenty percent of families with dependent children say that they do not have enough life insurance coverage.  Twenty-eight percent of wives and 15% of husbands do not even have a life insurance policy, and 10% of families with dependent children do not have any life insurance protection at all.

The average 40 year old male, non-smoker can purchase a 20 year term/$500,000 policy for about $350 a year/$30 a month.  With prices being this low and a family's protection being so important it does not make any sense why this coverage would not be purchased.

Who will pay the mortgage or rent if something happens to you? What about car payments, credit card bills, student loans, and the thousands of other expenses that you see each month?  Just a few short steps and a very small investment can secure your family's future if something were to happen to you.

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