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Off the top of your head, tell me who your term life insurance policy is with, what is your policy number, what is covered in the policy, who is the insurance agent that you should contact about your term insurance or whole life policies?

Many of us can't recall that information at a moment's notice. Also, what will happen when you pass away and no one knows what insurance policies you have or what your final wishes and burial arrangements are?

What if you have to reorganize your life after a house fire or an unimaginable disaster such as Hurricane Katrina? Where would you start? Wouldn't you want peace of mind for yourself and your family and a place to regain all of that lost information?

Insurance Lockbox has just the solution to answer all of these questions.

What is Insurance Lockbox?

Insurance Lockbox was developed over the two year period between 2007 to 2009. It was developed with the idea that many people can't remember a lot of the information that is important to them. The purpose of Insurance Lockbox is not to store all of your documents or personal information such as insurance contracts or social security numbers.

The main purpose of Insurance Lockbox is to store information that can act as helpful reminders for various things such as insurance policies, real estate investments, car titles, or retirement account information.

One important concern that is brought up is about the security of the information that you provide to us and trust us to store and keep safe. The great thing about Insurance Lockbox is that we adamantly ask you to refrain from providing your social security numbers on any of the forms that you fill out. Also, we ask that you not provide whole account numbers or passwords. We recommend that you enter partial numbers that will spark your memory and help you retrieve the information for which you are searching.

Aside from those measures, we have a very sophisticated and technical system put in place to ensure that your information is as safe as we can possibly make it. These measures include encryption, session inactivity logout, and image verification among others.

If you have questions regarding Insurance Lockbox, please feel free to contact our office (800.800.1397) or our Lockbox Specialist, Dustin Grubb (x 195). We'll be glad to assist you in learning more about Insurance Lockbox and setting up an account.

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Senior Market Advisor: Morgan White Group

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