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Term Life Insurance Finders provides relative information pertaining to life insurance.  Our primary focus is on term life insurance; however, we do focus on whole and universal as well.  Throughout this website you will find information pertaining to the amount of life insurance you need, what to look for in a life policy, what carriers you should and should not consider how to get lower life insurance rates, and much more.

This site was developed to help everyone from a first time shopper to your experienced life insurance agent.  We offer our website viewers free information that can save you thousands of dollars a year.  In the insurance business we see people all the time who paid way too much for their life insurance.  Now Term Life Insurance Finders and Morgan-White Group have developed a site where users can come receive quotes from some of the top carriers in the country in a matter of seconds.  Currently there are over 30 life insurance carriers with “Secure” ratings from A.M. Best that are offering coverage through this site.  Simply quick the Free Quote tab above and fill out the basic demographic information to receive your free and easy life insurance quote.

Our goal is to provide our viewers with up to date information in the life insurance industry.  We also strive to give you the ability to search life insurance quotes in the matter of seconds. 

You can enroll online by yourself if you would like or you can call one of our Life Insurance Specialists at 1.800.800.1397 ext. 1191 to speak with Amber Douglas.  Thank you for visiting our site we hope you enjoy it.

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For more information on Term Life Insurance please feel free to contact us. For basic information, please submit your questions to: seniordivision@morganwhite.com.

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Life Insurance Riders

Before we get into the various types of riders offered, some of you may be unfamiliar with the term “rider”. So, “What is a rider?” The answer to that question is pretty easy to explain. A rider is an amendment that can be added to an insurance contract such as a life insurance policy. Even though a rider can be added to an insurance policy, it cannot be purchased on its own. When life insurance policies are drawn up, they usually come very standard. Riders are the options that the proposed insured can add to their policy to make the policy better fit their needs. See additional articles in this category for details on many of the available life insurance riders.

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